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Justine Suh 

is a film writer/director. She was born in Indiana, but since lived in Vancouver, New York, and Seoul, and traveled to 30 different countries. She got her BA in History with a minor in Dramatic Literature at New York University. Realizing her love for theatre and literature, she began working as a script translator. Reading many scripts inspired her to make her own movies, so she went to get an MFA at University of Southern California for Film & TV Production, focusing on directing and editing. On her spare time, she received a certificate for Korean Royal Court Cuisine at the National Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine. Cooking and eating while watching food docs is one of her favorite activities. She thrives to make whimsical fiction films and inspiring documentary films. She lives in sunny Los Angeles, always ready for a new adventure.

Documentary director's reel

More films

Hong Kong Anti-LAB Protestors in LA (2019) three short documentary series.
Neuroscience Lecture Video Series (2019) 8-hour lecture series.
Missing Red (2017) 5 mins. Short fiction.
Recurring Dreams (2012) 5 mins. Short fiction.
A Moment Like This (2012) 15 mins. Short fiction. First prize, "Fantastic Award" winner at the Hankyoreh Cultural Art Festival
Regret Session (2020) 2 mins, short fiction. Dir. Junyoung Ko.
Fat Lily (2018) 13 mins, short fiction. Dir. Winter Coleman.
Psycho (2018) 2 mins, music video. For Rich Creations.
Good Face (2017) 15 mins, web series. Dir. Lina Suh. One of seven short-form pilots funded by New Form Digital Incubator.
Beads (2016) 12 mins, short fiction. Dir. Rachel Victoria. Also worked as a script supervisor. Screened at Athena Film Festival, FirstGlance Film Festival, LA Femme Film Festival
Boxed Out (2016) 5 minutes, short fiction. Dir. Christina Jun. Selected as Top Ten Films for Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shootout.
The Life in Foxy (2019) Dir. Santiago Rodriguez.
Drip-an-go (2019) Dir. Lo Lam.
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